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Christmas Markets, Summer shopping - our markets line-up

It’s summer, so if I’m not at hanging out at the beach then I’m mooching around a good market...preferably both! Over the next month we’ll be at a load of great markets with our range of ethically-made, splashproof beach, tote bags and kids bags!!

If you’re in the market - ‘scuse the pun - to cross off some Christmas or holiday shopping for your family, for your friends, or let’s be more honest, for yourself, then come along and take a walk around these great independent design markets.

Avalon Markets

Northern Beaches

Sunday November 19

Big Design Market

Royal Hall of Industries EQ Moore Park

Friday 25 November - Sunday 27 November

Finders Keepers

Australian Technology Park, Eveleigh,

Friday December 9 - Sunday December 11

Carriageworks Twighlight Markets


Friday December 23

There will certainly be more Christmas shopping markets as we get closer to Christmas, and we’re hoping to get back into Bondi Markets sometime soon (they’ve been pretty full lately!) so drop me a line jo@emptybags.com if you have any questions about where we’ll be. You can, of course, always buy online www.emptybags.com.

Happy shopping!


Northern Summer Adventures - Empty Bags is now shipping internationally!

Currently sitting in an Autumn that is more like a late Summer here in Sydney, we are moving towards hibernation time. Boo! However, for all of our Northern Hemisphere friends – rejoice, you are moving towards summer and holidays!With that, I’m pleased to say we are now shipping internationally so you can now order online as normal with prices [...]

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Happy birthday to us!

I cannot quite believe we launched a year ago today at Bondi Markets! It's funny to think how I stood outside in the blazing sunshine with a little hanging rack, totally unprepared as I'd only got my first range two days earlier! Thank goodness for my friend Sue who helped, and the huge amount of [...]

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20: the magic number

Twenty days until Winter (or not-summer, as I like to call it!) officially ends, and if you’ve been in Sydney, you’ll appreciate that Sunday just gone, with the City 2 Surf indeed lived up to its reputation as the unofficial last day of winter.It's been a while but just to let you we haven't been hibernating despite the not-summer [...]

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